12 Mar

If coronavirus will influence our hospitality industry?

From October ,2019 coronavirus continues to spread rapidly worldwide, with more than 120,000 confirmed cases and more than 5,000 deaths. Our previous report on the impact of coronavirus on hospitality states that the factory is delaying closures to 30 days after the initial planned shutdown for the Chinese New Year. Although some factories have resumed low-volume production, many others will continue to postpone reopening for the foreseeable future.Eventhough some factory opened ,but as the big infulence about the coronavirus ,we still can not make sure high efficiency production.

One of the reasons that production cannot grow faster is the lack of factory workers. The government's travel ban prohibits many employees from returning to work. In other cases, factory workers voluntarily take time off to reduce their exposure to coronavirus. The shortage of manufacturing workers is so severe that some companies provide economic incentives for returning workers, hoping that some of them are willing to ignore the potential health impact in exchange for bonuses.Even finished products can be delayed. Cargo shipped from China will be quarantined for two weeks to indicate that someone on board may be experiencing symptoms, further disrupting the shipment and reception of the product.

Now, the hotel industry is more dependent on domestic manufacturers for FF & E than ever before. However, this remedy does have a time limit. US-made goods often have parts outsourced from countries such as China. Once domestic suppliers are in short supply, they will also suffer setbacks due to long-term factory closures.

Lack of knowledge is one of the biggest challenges facing the virus outbreak in the hospitality industry. The Chinese government's news reports and statements only release so much information that it is difficult to assess when Chinese manufacturing will return to previous productivity. What we do know is that the already significant impact of coronavirus on hotel FF & E supply chains will continue to grow.

At this difficult time ,rainbow team promise we will try our best to recover the production and complete our project ,and hire more employees to make sure our further project ,we believe we can overcome difficulties together.Meantime ,hope everyone can pay attention to protection ,spring always come.

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